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Latest News

On Oct. 21, the Special section on Advances in Machine Vision beyond Visible Spectrum (BVS) is published by CVIU. This special section was co-edited by Drs. Guoilang Fan, Riad Hammoud (BAE), Firooz Sadjadi (Lockheed Martin) and Behzad Kamgar-Parsi (ONR).
On Oct.7, Jiulu Gong's paper entitled "Joint view-identity manifold for infrared target tracking and recognition" was accepted by Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU). Congratulations to him!
On Aug. 5, Dr. Bin Xu, Lecture, from Northeastern University, China, joined VCIPL as a visit scholar. His research interests include data mining and machine learning.
On May 10, Dr. Guoliang Fan was appointed as a visiting professor by his  Alma Mater, Xi'an University of Technology, China. 
On May 4, VCIPL has four papers accepted by ICIP2013.


Welcome to VCIPL

Visual Computing and Image Processing Lab (VCIPL) at Oklahoma State University (OSU) is dedicated to both fundamental and applied research in the areas of machine learning, computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition, and the their applications in multimedia, biomedical imaging and remote sensing data analysis. In particular, we are interested in inference and learning problems involving geometry, shape, appearance, kinematics, dynamics, and semantics, which are essential for many vision tasks both at the object-level, such as object detection, recognition, localization, tracking, and at the scene-level, video mining and image/video understanding.

VCIPL was founded in 2001, and Dr. Guoliang Fan was appointed as the lab director. The VCIPL is now located in ATRC233 with more than 600 square feet space. Since 2001, VCIPL has been funded by OSU, Environmental Institute, NSF, NASA, OCAST, and Army Research Office (ARO), etc.

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